fave noms

An app to make every meal unforgettable!

“Do you ever eat something at a restaurant and love it,
try something else next time and hate it,
and third time, you cannot remember which was which?

That will never happen again.

This app lets you log what you eat and where,
so when you go back, you'll know what to get and what to avoid.

Gregory Dunn, Creator of fave noms

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We've been working for years to build the best possible app, and the wait is now over!

  • Track what you ate and where
  • Great app for people who travel a lot
  • Remember what was good and what you should avoid
  • Restaurants around you populated by your location
  • Share your favorite meals or restaurants with friends
  • Simple but elegant interface using the latest technology
  • Share dining recommendations to friends visting your hometown
  • Perfect for people who like to try new restaurants and meals